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Шмаль И.И.

In 1991, the new name has been created in the oil industry - “Svetland-Oil” LLP, which has started the exploration of Oktyabrskoye oilfield in the Kurmangazy region of Atyrau oblast. The remarkable fact is that it was one of the first private oil companies developing in that region.

In the early days, it was quite a tough period since both entrepreneurs and our new government were lack of experience, most particularly in terms of the legal framework. Therefore, the corporate team sometimes had to make decisions at their own risk and peril trying the new forms of business operations.

In May of 1993, the first blow from the drilled wells of Oktyabrskoye field came out of the earth. Since then, “Svetland-Oil” LLP has been expanding its activities quite dynamically by entering the oil & gas market of the RoK.

Compared to other oilfields in the Caspian Sea region, the Oktyabrskoye field is relatively small. However, “Svetland-Oil” LLP company has always been demanded the highest standards so that it had to compete with powerful oil producers thus fulfilling contractual requirements and licenses agreements at a worthy level. And, of course, the company had to keep the same mode of operation. Currently, the oil production at the field is being strictly adhered to the schedule foreseen by the development plan. But at the same time, 35% of the extracted raw materials are being supplied to the domestic market of Kazakhstan.

There is no doubt that the success of the company mostly depends on its Head, and the activity of “Svetland-Oil” LLP is a pure confirmation of that. 

The founder and establisher of the Company Iosif Iosifovich Shmal were leading it up to 2020, and now he’s been elected as a chairman of the supervisory board.

Today, “Svetland-Oil” LLP, being of the same age as the independence of Kazakhstan, is in all sense a reliable supplier of crude oil both to the domestic and external sales market.

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