21 april

In Germany, renewable energy sources are replacing gas and coal, the correspondent reports «24.kz». 

Windy weather in January and February, and then cloudless in March allowed generating almost 75 billion kilowatt-hours of energy. And this means that the Germans, with the help of alternative sources, received more than half of the electricity generated in Germany. These are the results of the first quarter. According to experts, this is a new record and not the last one. The development of renewable energy is one of the strategic objectives of the German government. It is planned to attract multimillion-dollar investments in this area, respectively, more wind turbines and solar panels will be installed. 

It should be noted that more than 30 thousand wind turbines, including offshore wind parks, are operating in Germany today. In general, by 2030, the share of "green" energy should reach 65%. Meanwhile, the country is gradually reducing its dependence on fossil sources. Matthias Stark, Head of the Department of the Federal Renewable Energy Union: 

– This year the weather plays a key role. It's very windy right now, so we can produce a lot of wind energy. However, we expect that photovoltaics will also play an important role and the number of farms will increase. In general, we expect the development of the renewable energy sector to accelerate in the next few years. But it takes time.