18 may

The port of Marseille will install solar panels to power cruise liners and ferries, while in carbon dioxide emissions from ships during parking will decrease to zero, the website reports nangs.org with a link to "Portnews".

The authorities of the French region "Provence – Alpes – Cote d'Azur" in May 2022 approved the allocation of a subvention in the amount of 3 million euros to the port of Marseille for the implementation of a program to equip the port with solar panels. According to Portnews' own correspondent in France, the project is part of the "Zero-emission Parking Lot" ("Escales zéro fumée") program, for which regional deputies voted in October 2021. The project involves equipping the port with solar panels, the total combined capacity of the generated electricity of which will be 9 MW, which is enough to simultaneously power three ships moored in the port. Thus, during the parking, the liners will be able to completely turn off their engines and provide electricity to all consumers on board with zero exhaust emissions.

The required capacity for ferries is estimated at 3 MW, for cruise superliners it is four times higher – up to 12 MW. Solar panels will be placed on the roofs of port buildings and hangars. The cost of the generated energy will be lower than the tariffs applied to consumers of electricity from the city network, according to the materials of the regional council. The total cost of the project to equip the port with solar panels is estimated at 15 million euros, it should be fully operational by 2025. Marine transport emissions in the port of Marseille consist of 40% nitrogen oxide, 32% sulfur, 15% fine particles. The share of marine transport in Marseille accounts for from 15 to 40% of polluting emissions.

The regional program "Parking with zero emissions" ("Escales zéro fumée") is estimated at 30 million euros. In addition to the introduction of solar panels, it provides for measures to develop other renewable energy sources, to encourage the use of LNG vessels, to develop particulate filters for ship chimneys.

Illustrative photo © cruisegid.ru