16 may

This was stated by the Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan Bulat Akchulakov after a working visit to Turkey, reports the publication "SK News".

"As part of a trip to Turkey, a meeting was held with a colleague in this country. We watched the progress of the construction of a nuclear power plant in Turkey, also discussed issues of oil supplies, supply routes, and the participation of their companies as investors. The fact is that since 2010 we have no joint projects in the oil sector. This issue was also discussed," Bulat Akchulakov said on the sidelines of the government.

According to him, Turkey is interested not only in oil supplies, but also in the development of fields. "In addition to the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, Transneft, rail shipments, alternative routes may be sea transportation. The organization of alternative oil transportation options will take several years. Now Turkey consumes about 1 million barrels of oil per day," the minister said. "Naturally, they are interested in supplies, including Kazakh oil, and are trying to diversify their imports. We proceed from what opportunities we have. Today they are already taking Kazakh oil," the head of the Ministry of Energy added.

Illustrative photo © pirsoilgas.ru